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  • GT12080-HG - with HT Element X Alloy - Premium Replacement Battery (3 Year Warranty) for PX12072 for Verizon FiOS

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    Goldtop is the only OEM Verizon-approved battery for Verizon FiOS systems. The GS Goldtop GT12080-HG is specifically designed to replace the GS Portalac PX12072. It features VRLA/AGM technology and 11% more power for longer back-up time and best-in-class performance. Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives that won't last as long - the GS Goldtop comes with a 3-year replacement guarantee (If purchased from GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Inc.

    Manufactured for GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Inc. by GS Yuasa Group Companies.  

    • Only GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Inc. builds and sells the Gold Top battery, which is the OEM approved battery for fiber-to-the-home VoIP backup units
    • Upgrade of PX12072 - GT12080 is the next generation of the PX12072 battery for FiOS
    • Designed for long life
    • 3-year replacement warranty - (Must be placed into service within 90 days of purchase and only if purchased from GS Yuasa Energy Solutions, Inc.) Warranty is non-transferable.
    • Powers your VoIP home phone in the event of a power outage and has no effect on either TV or Internet service
    • Rechargeable, maintenance free, and fully recyclable through
    • Manufactured at GS Yuasa factories to the highest quality standards
    • Battery back-up unit and harness/wire connector cables NOT included!